Catch your dreams before they slip away

Catch your dreams before they slip away – Hold something for eternity – Creating your own world.
The personal style says a lot about the people. The art helps us, things which we imagine to realize.

That’s always been my ambition. Over time, I have realized thousands of projects with my clients. Not for nothing I have a job in which creativity  is an important component. The painting of pottery I learned in 1977 in the company Macrander, Bocholt, in the northwest of Germany. At first I started with the Delfts blue painting, a Dutch painting method with a long tradition. Mr. Van der Laan, a great Dutch master, has taught me all techniques of painting Delftsware. The professional as well as personal development means that they transfer the responsibility to lead the ceramics department to me at an early age.- This task I perceive with pleasure almost 8 years.- With 30 years I changed into self-employment. My desire is to produce hand-painted decors myself and establish a cooperation with tile studios.


From now on, I set off to inspire tilers and architects about my idea. Therefore new business connections were created with interesting companies. The tile painting brought me to studios in all parts of the country. Many borders I developed for the tile studio Schröder in Paderborn and the bathroom gallery Blome. My special thanks also go to the tile studio Kurt Woestpeter in Oberhausen. Other customers were kitchen manufacturerer (Tilsa kitchens, etc), department stores, hotels and restaurants …. In 1994 I started an intensive cooperation with the members of SHK Association. We created interesting and unusual bathroom designs by tile decors.
My newly developed tile concept enabled the easy implementation of customer requirements in the bathrooms. A great task that brought me a lot of wonderful projects.
The painting was done on a variety of tile sizes and surfaces. Part of the tile concept was also the choice of topics. (Aida, Nabucco, Romanow, Tibet, ect …) I also try out different things, many were succeed or not. Good was the time when I worked for the stove manufacturer Gutbrod-Keramik in Gundelfingen near the Danube. My task was to develop new designs. This work has been a pleasure. The tile motifs influence new designs today. Important was also the residence in Italy that is always famous for its artists and their creativity. In Merano I lived almost 4 years and I had a studio in the old town. Back from Italy my head was full of ideas of many new concepts. Now I live in Munich and I would like to present my art and amplified online in the shop. The idea of ​​the store is it, with additional products to complement the tile painting and to offer them in the design of spaces accessoires quality.

Today’s tile painting with modules.
While I painted in the past on a lot of different tile formats, now I want to go back to a standard format. My idea is to present the tile painting as it was originally produced. Normally there were small-format tiles in size 13×13 or 15x15cm. I had decided to use a square module tile with a side length of 20 cm. The surface is matt and from the Villeroy & Boch series architectura. The motifs are so arranged  that they can be arbitrarily integrated into any other wall tiles. Also combined with other materials such as granite, marble, wood or stone the painted surface emphasizes unique.
Our project “Amsterdam” shows how it works. If you have questions, would like to give suggestions or comments to the website, then please send me an email.

I wish you a good time,
Ludger Tebrake

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