Most of the projects and that are a few thousand, are concerned with the design of bathrooms. Large landscapes or even smaller designs can be seen in many resorts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. On various topics such as Aida, Nabucco, Leonardo da Vinci, Tuscany, Romanow … just to mention a few, we have painted decors and pictures.

Our murals are painted in metromanic style. A variant that allows me to present historical elements in modern style. A real eye-catcher for the living room. The ceramic plates are 60 x 60 cm in size and calibrated at the edges. They are supplied with hooks on the back for hanging.

Unique gifts such as coasters, house numbers, games, or other decorative – and memory pieces.

Modules are the current design elements with increasing popularity. Walls are only partially laid with tiles. Combinations with stone, granite, marble or wood give the tile painting a modern look. The different materials can be perfectly complementary with our modules.

At the beginning a design is made. The drawing is then transfered with pencil on the tiles surface. Of the fine decorative elements, a “template” from parchment paper is made. This is pierced along the lines with a fine needle. With charcoal powder the template can made by breaks on the tile. After that, the contours painting and filling in different colors will be done. The colors are baked in the oven at 750 ° C and are firmly connected to the glaze. Various color designs arise in several fires. Even gold and platinum works are baked in a separate baking at 710 ° C. With mediums and oils such as the mixed colouroxyde cobalt blue, chrome green or selenium red we transform our products into unique artworks.