Tile concept

Various design concepts for bathrooms and kitchens

Most of the projects, and these are a few thousand, are concerned with the design of bathrooms. Large landscapes or even smaller designs can be seen in many resorts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. On various topics, such as Aida, Nabucco, Leonardo da Vinci, Tuscany, Romanow … just to mention a few, we have decors and painted pictures. The customer was able to choose his tile material free. –

Some projects are shown below.

Would you like a tile picture in the bathroom or in the kitchen?

The end:
Let us know your wishes and we prepare a design proposal. If you like it, we can start. Send us first your tiles. The number of required tiles we give you in advance. After decorating the paint is baked in the oven and is therefore firmly connected to the glaze. After finishing the decor we will send the tiles back. Your tiler gets a layout plan to move the decor or the shelves at the right place. Already finished!